Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Drupal Dictionary Software "BDIC" released as an e-learning environment for German print and media industry

By: Karlheinz Schuler


        (Stuttgart, Germany) Drupal specialized Developer Arlmedia  has developed the BDIC online dictionary software for Beuth-University for Applied Sciences in Berlin.

BDIC is integrated as a dedicated Drupal module into the powerful e-learning portal for the media and print industry in Germany on www.mediencommunity.de

Drupal  is a modular expandable and open source content management system. DRUPAL is not only the software base for the e-learning environment "Mediencommunity". DRUPAL supports more than 300.000 Websites and communities worldwide: some of them with a high profile such as the official US government website.

BDIC as an easy to use German/English dictionary for the printing and media industry supports phonological search, editorial community input and teacher options:

# Search on the basis of phonetics supports fault tolerant evaluation of inquiries

# Fine grained permissions support editor team, teachers and BDIC users as distinguished roles

# A teacher area provides the opportunity to select and export individual collections of vocabulary for educational purposes

# The Community supported editorial process encourages public suggestions and comments to the editorial team

The target group of "Mediencommunity" are students, teachers and practitioners from vocational schools, colleges and Universities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

"Mediencommunity" sponsored the development of BDIC as open source software and donated the code to the DRUPAL Community. Arlmedia provides free download of the BDIC software on www.beuth.arlmedia.com.

A representative implementation of the BDIC dictionary software for DRUPAL can be assessed within "Mediencommunity" (www.mediencommunity/bdic).

The German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMFT) funded the development as part of the research project "Mediencommunity 2.0". "Mediencommunity" is a federal project designed to support the development of web based training formats for vocational and academic learning.

Arlmedia is a Drupal specialized software developer in Stuttgart, Germany.

The German federal research project "Mediencommunity 2.0" develops innovative web based training tools supporting vocational and academic learning in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Research is funded by the Federal Ministery for Education and Research (BMFT) and The European Social Fund of the European Union (ESF).


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