Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Drupal Tables Filter Module" without the "summary table" tag- not barrier free, not w3c compliant, SEO deficient

The Drupal table module patch was developed for the Drupal Service Arlmedia project -  international web presence for an orthopedic hospital in Freiburg, Germany.  The international web presence of orthopedic Gelenk-Klinik Freiburg is implermented on Drupal 6.x .

We used the Drupal table module to develop a price list for orthopedic procedures .

We like the Drupal table module a lot: tables could be either directly edited in html, but that would in the long term be error-prone and not very intuitive.
For better handling, we opt for the table filter module  A handy little module that supports tables definition intuitively.
 The Drupal Table Module however does not display the html table summary tag.
 A summary of the table that is used by screen readers by  blind persons to read a summary of the HTML table. Also, the summary will be used by search engines (SEO). Without summary tag a html table is not w3c validated.
To resolve these problems Arlmedia Drupal Service has developed a patch that implements the summary tag in the Drupal table module.  The revised source code of the Drupal table module is on to download and free use under the GPL.

  How do I add the summary tag ?

  The Summary Table can now be written to the head of the table:

  [Table = js-table summary = "your_summary" first column | etc | etc

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