Monday, March 1, 2010

Aggregator module of the Drupal 6 core cuts feeds off after a maximum of 16 weeks

If you want to subscribe to the core module Drupal6 aggregator blogs such as as press releases or news feeds there is only a maximum of 16 weeks available.
Quite obviously the time periods are hard coded into the source code of Drupal. We will show you how to edit the source code of Drupal6 aggregator module in order to achieve a greater range of periods.

These settings can be found at
"Administration" - "Content Management" - "Feed aggregator" ~ / admin /
content / aggregator / settings 

Many users would like to be free to adjust the period in which feeds are still current - without strict preselections.

This fixed set time values can be edited only in the source code of the Drupal6 aggregator module.

In the file 

in line 225 you can ad more time frames for selection. Caution: The times are clearly displayed in seconds.

After saving the file you have to go to the settings in the aggregator module for Drupal 6 Syndicate, under
"Management" - "Content Management" - "Feed aggregator"

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