Monday, March 1, 2010

Glossary Drupal Module Bug: When linked to "Nodes" "Glossary" Starts to link to "Taxonomy"

The Drupal module Glossary links to a "taxonomy" page instead of "glosssary" whenever other nodes are linked to one glossary term. This sudden change of linking behavior after adding nodes to a glossary term really makes no sense.
The Drupal module Glossary still remains a source of joy but also quite a construction site. Now that we have begun to jo join glossary terms with specific nodes they change the linking URL. Without nodes associated:

~ / glossary/term/174 

Wirth nodes associated:
~ / taxonomy/term/174 

This naturally produces a lot of duplicate content. Also Usability decreases because of the heterogeneous layout of landing pages. The use of SEO-friendly URL aliases for glossary terms is undermined. With the following code change we could correct the anomaly: File:
glossary.module in line 495 
we change
if $ term-> nodes> 0) ( 

if (false) { if (false) ( 

The glossary problem was discussed here already Caution: this hack the Glossary module again changes the module code: it will be lost during module version update. We certainly hope that glossary module updates do no longer include this problem when updated next time.

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